Oh Hai…

Just a note from Cassie: (I should mention that there are two blog authors here)


We took Shawn to the airport today.  It was sad for my whole family, as he’s been one of the best house guests a person could ask for.  I’ll let Georgia tell you how she’s feeling about that later, but I’ll just highlight the visit from my own perspective:


I don’t usually do much sight seeing these days, as I’ve lived here for seven years, and I think I’ve seen most of the things that are interesting to me.  When I have a guest though, especially someone as outgoing as Mr. Meagher, it is incredible to see something through eyes seeing it for the first time.  One thing I hadn’t done yet was to climb Mt. Fuji, and while Shawn was here, we did that.  It was hard, but nothing in life worth doing is easy I reckon.  I’m glad I got to share that experience with both Shawn and Georgia.

here’s a photo before the pain of actually climbing set in:

Here I am knitting at the 8th station on Mt. Fuji:




The last week he was here, we (me, my daughter, Shawn and Georgia) went to Nagano to visit some good friends of mine, eat mountains of organic vegetables, and enjoy some cooler weather.  I like that place (and those people) very much, so it’s just another thing I’m happy I got to share with a good friend.

I won’t take up much more space, because this is a blog about Georgia’s experiences, but you can expect me to chime in now and again…to round out Georgia’s view of the world, and to share what I’m learning from the experience as well.

That’s That!





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