blogging rut

I honestly don’t know what to write about when I come over here to this blog because so much has happened it’s all kind of jumbled together in my brain with no real order. I’ve seen and done so much that its so difficult to distinguish it all from one another and so when i come over here I don’t know how to write about it properly. Even now I’m being super paranoid that it’s not coming out right. 

I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll start by describing Tokyo. It’s really amazing. I thought it would be like New York – horrible and claustrophobic but it’s not really at all. Sure it’s crowded but when you’re moving at your own pace it’s not horrible. There’s so many interesting things and people that it makes up for the crowdedness of it. In short, it’s ten million times better than New York City was. It’s dirty, but I feel like it’s not nearly as dirty as NY and it’s so much safer. There’s so much to do I’m kind of afraid that I’ll miss it all in the months that i’m here. But I guess that always gives me an excuse to come back here. 


There’s tons of things to do like Karaoke and there’s game centers which is completely different from anything we have in America. The food here is amazing, especially Taiyaki which is a fish shaped bread with different kinds of filling inside. There’s so much more but i can’t even begin to decipher it right now. Everything is so messy in my brain. I’ll try to sort it out so that there’ll be more posts on here but honestly right now i can’t think straight. I’ll see you guys soon! 


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