so this weekend they had this yosakoi festival that was really amazing. I’M SO MAD THAT I LEFT MY CAMERA AT MY HOUSE THOUGH. oh well. they said that there was some kind of festival every month. today is the first week of the week that i have to be getting ready for school because next week it actually starts… and i’ve met a lot of people recently so i have a TON of social things planned this week (including my first date-type thing ever) but anyways. 


the festival was really amazing because it reminded me a little bit of fall in Illinois like corn mazes and everything else that was amazing. but it was completely different because, well, i’m in Japan. Of course it’s different. There was a parade type thing where there were a ton of dance troupes from all over who did kind of traditional dances and there were like high school groups and groups with older people and like 6 year olds. it was all over the place, but it was incredibly amazing. there were van type things that drove in front of each group and their coaches were shouting at them and it was really hilarious. 


while this was happening i got this really big wave of ‘i am so incredibly grateful to be here in Japan’. but it also made me really homesick… i think once school starts next week i’ll be able to get more distracted and start learning how to read/speak japanese better than right now, because right now i’m sort of in this weird limbo where i’m speaking like really horrible japanese and sort of forgetting how to speak english properly because i’m trying to communicate with people who don’t speak my language. 


other than that nothing much has happened. i’ll tell you guys what happened after all my socializing. right now i’m going through this phase of watching paranormal documentaries and learning how to knit. Bye Bye! 


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