so recently i’ve been running (not a whole bunch, because i haven’t ran like ever in my life before now) but i’m just getting started on it. i go around 7 because that’s a good time to people watch since they’re getting off from school, work, or exercising like me. 


i don’t know if any of you have seen the movie Tron, but i swear i saw a motorcycle that looked like it came straight out of that movie. it looked like one of those light cycle things and it was blasting techno music and it blew my mind. also blogging is hard 

tomorrow is my last day at Sippo Net (the dog shelter where i volunteer at) for the week and my summer vacation is almost over. but i’m actually looking forward to starting school and being able to communicate with people better. and it’s not like i won’t be working at the shelter anymore, that’s like my part time job. the people there are really nice. 


i need to remember to bring my camera more places because i want to take pictures i’m just so incredibly spacey and when i look for it when i’m out and about it’s nowhere to be found because… it’s in my room.. 

it’s also really weird/nice whenever i feel people staring at me on the street because in america it was always hard to tell if someone thought you were attractive or not. people are weird. also i’m not going to capitalize america because i’m being lazy tonight.  

also it’s really really hot here i cant wait for september. 

ok well i think that’s enough for today.. bye bye! 


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