today i am going to talk about reading. i don’t care if its a bit off topic, because i’ve been meaning to discuss this but recently i just finished an entire book on my ipad for the first time, and it was a rather pleasant experience. i have been somewhat hesitant to read a book on an ereader (even though i’ve had a nook for at least a year now) but i REALLY enjoyed it. 

i have the kindle app so it’s really easy for me to download books instantly. if there’s a book that i want to read the moment its released, then all you have to do is preorder it and then bam it’s there, at midnight. my problem is though, that i’m very easily distracted when i’m on the iPad. i mean come on , there’s the internet with, youtube, and tumblr, and fanfiction, and goodreads. you can easily spend hours upon hours talking to people about things and forget about the books that you downloaded to read ages ago. also, i’m a very picky reader. not so much about genre, but about plot points and writing style and characters. everything that makes a book good. 

the book i first experienced this with was Fathomless, by Jackson Pearce, which was a very dark retelling of the little mermaid. this is one of those books that was a part of a series that had the really pretty covers and then switched right in the middle of the series. so of course i wasn’t going to buy the physical book but i still wanted to read it. and thats where the kindle came in handy. i could download it right away and there it was nestled into the data system (or whatever its called) for me to read. and read it i did. and i loved it. 


this was a big step for me, to actually finish one on the kindle app. and when i finished my reaction was something like, ‘i just read an ebook didn’t i?’ and it felt good. i mean think about it we’re getting the same experience as it it were a physical book but we aren’t killing trees guys. think of all the trees we kill when we buy 50+ hardbacks or 20+paperbacks. this realization has lead me to think harder about which books i’m going to be buying in physical format and which ones are going to be on my ipad. 


harry potter : of course those are going to be physical

the hunger games : same thing

the mortal instruments/the infernal devices by cassandra clare? : physical 

everything else that i’m interested in i can buy from my kindle for so much cheaper. sure i like the smell of physical books and the weight of them and they’re easier for me since i’m not so distracted by the internet. but for the time being i think i’ll be sticking with the ipad, especially since i’m traveling so much they’re not nearly so heavy as bringing 20 hardbacks with you in a suitcase which means you’ll have to leave things you actually need like clothes at home. 


so that was my rant about books. i hope it was worthwhile, but i needed to get that off my chest. also my arms are starting to get fat and i have school later today until 9 at night. bye guys! 


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