recently i’ve been sort of stuck in Fuchu because of school and working at the shelter (which is all good fun but i’m getting slightly tired of it at the moment), and when i’m at home i’m usually either studying or reading and i can’t force myself to go out and actually do things. i wonder if it’s because i’m slightly homesick, or because of the weather change, but i really want to go out and do more things, even though i can’t get myself to. i guess i still don’t have much confidence in my traveling abilities. 

yesterday we went out with one of our neighbors for dinner though, so that was nice. it was the first social sort of thing i’d done in awhile. there were lots of small children and it was really lively, but i don’t think i enjoyed it as much as i could have because of my current mood :/ 

Also last weekend I went to Harujuku and saw some silent comedy type people that were really attractive… not so funny but they were nice to look at. the park we were at was really pretty and i bought something from the shopping street that was on the other side of the park. 

i’m tired of sitting at my computer all the time and feeling like i’m not getting anything done, even though i’m studying a lot. oh well. i noticed that it’s already september as well, so that startled me. actually it’s like September 21 today. there’s only three more months of the year left. 


3 thoughts on “bored…

  1. i found you! thanks for writing so much (i’ll try to catch up on old posts).
    is there anything I can do to force you out of your house?
    get on your shoes and RUN (or something).
    don’t forget your camera (so you can put PICTURES here).

  2. not sure if this is OK way to contact you. (let me know if it’s not!)
    grandpa will be in macomb tomorrow (SAT), so can’t skype then.
    want to try SUNDAY?
    (i may be in at office, but if you can TELL me to go there, i will.)

  3. Hi Georgia, Have enjoyed your posts and seeing Japan through your eyes and words. keep it up, although I’m going to take exception to your thoughts on how attractive 47 year olds can be 😉 (and older I assume). Whenever I got homesick during my early travels, I just made myself go explore something I hadn’t yet seen. Its a great distraction and it always got my mind focused on something other than my homesickness. Good luck and enjoy…and keep writing. Have you gone to a park and just sat down and drew some of your anime….seems like it would be cool to draw it in its home country…especially if I could draw it like you can.

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