guam or bust

well it’s been awhile. i guess that’s good, because i’ve been busy but i’m also fairly stressed out.. just with things. i think it’s the fact that i’m at the halfway point of my stay in japan and i don’t know if i’m doing okay or not and i’d like to know.. but that’s another story that i’d really not like to get into right now. 

while i’m working i can’t help but notice that my computer is slowly chipping away and it’s REALLY bothering me, but i know that computers are like 1,000 dollars each so it’s going to be awhile until i get one. maybe not until i’m finished with college which is a LONG way off at this point. since i’m going to be getting a teaching degree, i have a big haul ahead of me. but i’m rambling. sorry. you want to know what’s going on in Japan and honestly, it’s so much stuff

i’ve had tons of school events recently and i work(volunteer) at an animal shelter down the street from our house that takes up most of my free days, also tomorrow i’m starting kendo (which is hitting people with sticks class). recently i’ve been more stressed about how i communicate with people, and like i mentioned, i don’t really know if i’m doing a good enough job. :/

oh well. i haven’t been called out on anything recently so… i just don’t know. i wish i had more feedback.  there’s laundry going on upstairs and and i just don’t really know what to do recently. also i went to Guam, hence, the title so i could extend my visa, and thankfully it worked. i just need to get things straightened out in my brain, and see where i’m at. the trip was ok, but it was only two days so we could n’t really do much, and i hate beaches so i mostly shopped and walked around. it was really nice to be able to speak to people though, in english and they had a good shopping mall. i let myself go a little crazy because it was vacation and got some nice eyeshadow because i never really have money for nice makeup. i guess i won’t until i either get a really good job or marry someone rich, but at this point i’m pretty sure i’m not going to get married since i haven’t even – 

jesus i’m sorry about that. well at least i’ve updated. i just need to get things straight soon. ok bye. 


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