well hello there

it’s been awhile… but i’ve been busy. so that’s good, right? so much stuff has happened recently it’s crazy. i’m already making plans to go back to America, which is so weird. but i am excited to go back (even if it is only for Barnes and Noble). 

i suppose i should tell you what i’ve been up to because that’s what this is for. 

well first things first, i started kendo. kendo is basically Japanese fencing, and we go to this dojo that’s in a prison and all of our teachers are prison guards. you have to keep your back really straight the entire time you’re holding the bamboo sword and everything else really straight too. normally they use real swords but that’s only for the super high level kendo master people (out teacher is one of those, luckily). 

i haven’t been taking pictures because i always forget my camera but on thursday i will definitely bring it and ask my neighbors to take some for me. 

that’s the most recent thing that’s happened. also i can read all hiragana and i’m working on reading katakana now, but it’s a little more difficult. i’ve been sick recently, so everything is a lot of extra work than it needs to be. that’s it for now, maybe something interesting will happen in the next couple of days that i can talk to you about. 


One thought on “well hello there

  1. so nice to hear that you’re still IN japan!
    i cannot wait to see pictures of you in kendo action.
    (so, please, um, make sure to GET some!)

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