almost gone

wow. this has gone by so fast i’m a bit at a loss of words. i’ve been so busy recently that i haven’t had much computer time, and i have loads of stories and things to tell. it’s almost halloween! cassie was nice enough to make me a costume (i’m being alice, from alice in wonderland) and it turned out awesome! she didn’t have a pattern or anything either, it was just kind of a ‘hey let’s go with this’ kind of thing. it worked, as far as i can tell and i’m pretty happy with it! 

recently i’ve been super homesick, and i think it’s because that i know that i get to go home in a month and see people. i think i want it to go faster, but then i get sad because i absolutely LOVE japan. i mean, like it’s the most beautiful country in the world(that i’ve been in, anyways, and that’s only two honestly). but i like it a lot better than america. sorry guys, but i don’t like having to worry about who’s going to be running my country… it’s so stressful. but i voted recently, and hopefully it’ll help with that whole thing. thank god it’s almost over! but i am really scared about who’ll win the election… ok enough sorry about that little rant. politics are terrifying to me. 

anyways, i’ve been doing so much (again) and today i went out to eat with a friend, and we went to this really nice park with these beautiful old houses that i took tons of pictures of (if i have any sort of conscience then i’ll post them but seeing as i’m a procrastinator and super forgetful, it’s doubtful). maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch me when i’m back in the states and i can show them to you. for lunch we ate ramen (REAL RAMEN) and it was really good. i just with i could eat more because i can never finish meals and i always get so much food. eugh. 

i think the park we went to might have been an old town because there was a post office and a city hall and a pharmacy (which was really small). there was also this old well that had a spiral decent to it and in the old days they had to get their water from an underground lake. but all in all it was a great day. i think i’ve finally made some quality friends. 

my problem is this always happens near the end of when i’m on vacation for a long time so then i don’t get to see them for nearly as much as i’d like to. right now i’m listening to Gold Motel and just thinking about how good everything is lately. i just got over a cold, so i can breath again, and getting to go home is exciting. i just wish i wasn’t a poor almost college student so i could travel more. i never could be in one place for very long, during school i always had to go on road trips to Iowa City or Chicago. OK I’VE BEEN RAMBLING. sorry folks, hope you enjoyed. have a good day. 


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