good music

oh wow the black belles are nice. so recently my dad(who is awesome and i am only going to say this once because he actually reads this) sent me a halloween package full of pez, which is my favorite candy ever. also it’s not even halloween anymore here but it is in America, so it counts. and he’s been sending me cd’s every once in awhile because, well, you know. anyways. the reason they’re so good i guess is because they’re produced by jack white of the white stripes. apparently there’s a lot of controversy about them because jack white slept with the lead singer(idk her name)s so there’s a lot of hate. but for me the thing is with music isn’t really what people in the actual band do but the music they produce. i mean if they have talent then they’re worth listening too. 

i guess that ends my little rant for now but i just wanted to say that. also jack white is amazing and i’ve been really homesick recently. today one of my coworkers decided it would be a good idea to sneak up on me all silent like and scare the crap out of me. that was an interesting experience. november is going to go by so fast because i still have school and volunteering but i also have to go souvenir shopping for all my friends back in America and relatives and maybe possibly go go disneyland. i really hope i get to do that. well that’s my update for now i’ll be back later also my computer is slowly breaking apart. i hope it doesn’t die on me any time soon. barf. 


One thought on “good music

  1. hi!
    you’re right, i do/did read closely, and i SAW a positive comment about me.
    that makes me feel so much better about my attempts to buy your love.
    get out and enjoy japan!
    your father

    ps: nice post, but it doesn’t provide any detail about what you’re doing/experiencing over there.
    for instance, after the scare, was it,
    “… i fell to the floor, shuddering uncontrollably for 15 minutes as i tried to regain my composure. my eyes rolled up into my head and i drooled on the floor. my friends called the ambulance, and they had to shock me to re-start my heart…”
    “… i squeaked, then glared, and punched him in the arm. then we went back to work…”

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