well yesterday i went to Disneyland for the first time, and i’m only capitalizing it because, well, it’s Disney. i’ve gotta show it SOME respect. i gotta say, Japan has pretty much made me realize why everybody loves it so much. i mean even full-grown business men wear mickey mouse ears there (even though i don’t like micky/minnie mouse, i don’t know why but everyone knows that Pocahontas and Alice in Wonderland are the best Disney creations of all time). sadly, i didn’t get to see Pocahontas, but i DID meet the Mad Hatter which was pretty rad. he was like, the best (if only) character i’ve seen at Disneyland. along those lines, i met some other pretty cool characters, including Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White, which was awesome. i also got to see some of the army men from toy story. i’m trying to think of anyone else that i met, but i’m coming up a little short at the moment. 

the rides were cool, if a little analogue, but i mean it’s Disneyland, so that’s sort of the point. we went on it’s a small world after all, pirates of the caribbean(my personal favorite of the rides), pooh’s honey hunt, the snow white ride(which was actually quite terrifying), monsters inc., alice’s teacups(they also had a restaurant themed like wonderland which was so great, the roof of it was the maze to the red queen’s castle and everything), and i’m trying to remember what else we did but for rides i’m a little fuzzy. 

we went to two pretty cool shows, one was a 3D thing with donald going through a bunch of different scenes including be our guest from beauty and the beast, part of your world from the little mermaid, and a whole new world from aladdin. wow they have some really radically different names there, huh? this was called the philharmagic and it was pretty cool because when we were underwater we got sprayed a little bit so it made you feel like you were actually there. the other one was a live musical/dance thing but they didn’t really sing so it was more of a ballet type thing. that was really cool because they had some of the not as popular(i guess) like bugs’ life, and tarzan and the jungle book mixed in and they focused on some of the villains, including the priest from the hunchback of notre dame. WHICH REMINDS ME i also saw esmerelda for like a few seconds i didn’t actually meet her, it looked like her ‘shift’ was finishing. also they featured the pirate scene from peter pan in the ballet type thing, so that was nice. peter pan is just a nice things that exists. 

of course i bought some stuff, and i can’t list all of it because one of the things that i bought was for my dad’s christmas present and he actually reads this so i can’t say. but i got a really nice alice in wonderland teapot that’s like, gold and white color themed, a really nice ‘classic scene’ calendar for 2013 and some cookies for my japanese teacher that i really like. i hope i can get to the Disneyland in florida next year, so i can compare them. i’m sure i’m forgetting some things, but this is about all i can remember right now. it’s late and i’m not tired and it’s a school day tomorrow so this is probably really bad, but i’m going to go watch beauty and the beast because it’s a short movie and it’s amazing and i’ll stop ranting now, bye. 


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