well yesterday i went to Disneyland for the first time, and i’m only capitalizing it because, well, it’s Disney. i’ve gotta show it SOME respect. i gotta say, Japan has pretty much made me realize why everybody loves it so much. i mean even full-grown business men wear mickey mouse ears there (even though i don’t like micky/minnie mouse, i don’t know why but everyone knows that Pocahontas and Alice in Wonderland are the best Disney creations of all time). sadly, i didn’t get to see Pocahontas, but i DID meet the Mad Hatter which was pretty rad. he was like, the best (if only) character i’ve seen at Disneyland. along those lines, i met some other pretty cool characters, including Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White, which was awesome. i also got to see some of the army men from toy story. i’m trying to think of anyone else that i met, but i’m coming up a little short at the moment. 

the rides were cool, if a little analogue, but i mean it’s Disneyland, so that’s sort of the point. we went on it’s a small world after all, pirates of the caribbean(my personal favorite of the rides), pooh’s honey hunt, the snow white ride(which was actually quite terrifying), monsters inc., alice’s teacups(they also had a restaurant themed like wonderland which was so great, the roof of it was the maze to the red queen’s castle and everything), and i’m trying to remember what else we did but for rides i’m a little fuzzy. 

we went to two pretty cool shows, one was a 3D thing with donald going through a bunch of different scenes including be our guest from beauty and the beast, part of your world from the little mermaid, and a whole new world from aladdin. wow they have some really radically different names there, huh? this was called the philharmagic and it was pretty cool because when we were underwater we got sprayed a little bit so it made you feel like you were actually there. the other one was a live musical/dance thing but they didn’t really sing so it was more of a ballet type thing. that was really cool because they had some of the not as popular(i guess) like bugs’ life, and tarzan and the jungle book mixed in and they focused on some of the villains, including the priest from the hunchback of notre dame. WHICH REMINDS ME i also saw esmerelda for like a few seconds i didn’t actually meet her, it looked like her ‘shift’ was finishing. also they featured the pirate scene from peter pan in the ballet type thing, so that was nice. peter pan is just a nice things that exists. 

of course i bought some stuff, and i can’t list all of it because one of the things that i bought was for my dad’s christmas present and he actually reads this so i can’t say. but i got a really nice alice in wonderland teapot that’s like, gold and white color themed, a really nice ‘classic scene’ calendar for 2013 and some cookies for my japanese teacher that i really like. i hope i can get to the Disneyland in florida next year, so i can compare them. i’m sure i’m forgetting some things, but this is about all i can remember right now. it’s late and i’m not tired and it’s a school day tomorrow so this is probably really bad, but i’m going to go watch beauty and the beast because it’s a short movie and it’s amazing and i’ll stop ranting now, bye. 


good music

oh wow the black belles are nice. so recently my dad(who is awesome and i am only going to say this once because he actually reads this) sent me a halloween package full of pez, which is my favorite candy ever. also it’s not even halloween anymore here but it is in America, so it counts. and he’s been sending me cd’s every once in awhile because, well, you know. anyways. the reason they’re so good i guess is because they’re produced by jack white of the white stripes. apparently there’s a lot of controversy about them because jack white slept with the lead singer(idk her name)s so there’s a lot of hate. but for me the thing is with music isn’t really what people in the actual band do but the music they produce. i mean if they have talent then they’re worth listening too. 

i guess that ends my little rant for now but i just wanted to say that. also jack white is amazing and i’ve been really homesick recently. today one of my coworkers decided it would be a good idea to sneak up on me all silent like and scare the crap out of me. that was an interesting experience. november is going to go by so fast because i still have school and volunteering but i also have to go souvenir shopping for all my friends back in America and relatives and maybe possibly go go disneyland. i really hope i get to do that. well that’s my update for now i’ll be back later also my computer is slowly breaking apart. i hope it doesn’t die on me any time soon. barf. 

almost gone

wow. this has gone by so fast i’m a bit at a loss of words. i’ve been so busy recently that i haven’t had much computer time, and i have loads of stories and things to tell. it’s almost halloween! cassie was nice enough to make me a costume (i’m being alice, from alice in wonderland) and it turned out awesome! she didn’t have a pattern or anything either, it was just kind of a ‘hey let’s go with this’ kind of thing. it worked, as far as i can tell and i’m pretty happy with it! 

recently i’ve been super homesick, and i think it’s because that i know that i get to go home in a month and see people. i think i want it to go faster, but then i get sad because i absolutely LOVE japan. i mean, like it’s the most beautiful country in the world(that i’ve been in, anyways, and that’s only two honestly). but i like it a lot better than america. sorry guys, but i don’t like having to worry about who’s going to be running my country… it’s so stressful. but i voted recently, and hopefully it’ll help with that whole thing. thank god it’s almost over! but i am really scared about who’ll win the election… ok enough sorry about that little rant. politics are terrifying to me. 

anyways, i’ve been doing so much (again) and today i went out to eat with a friend, and we went to this really nice park with these beautiful old houses that i took tons of pictures of (if i have any sort of conscience then i’ll post them but seeing as i’m a procrastinator and super forgetful, it’s doubtful). maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch me when i’m back in the states and i can show them to you. for lunch we ate ramen (REAL RAMEN) and it was really good. i just with i could eat more because i can never finish meals and i always get so much food. eugh. 

i think the park we went to might have been an old town because there was a post office and a city hall and a pharmacy (which was really small). there was also this old well that had a spiral decent to it and in the old days they had to get their water from an underground lake. but all in all it was a great day. i think i’ve finally made some quality friends. 

my problem is this always happens near the end of when i’m on vacation for a long time so then i don’t get to see them for nearly as much as i’d like to. right now i’m listening to Gold Motel and just thinking about how good everything is lately. i just got over a cold, so i can breath again, and getting to go home is exciting. i just wish i wasn’t a poor almost college student so i could travel more. i never could be in one place for very long, during school i always had to go on road trips to Iowa City or Chicago. OK I’VE BEEN RAMBLING. sorry folks, hope you enjoyed. have a good day. 

well hello there

it’s been awhile… but i’ve been busy. so that’s good, right? so much stuff has happened recently it’s crazy. i’m already making plans to go back to America, which is so weird. but i am excited to go back (even if it is only for Barnes and Noble). 

i suppose i should tell you what i’ve been up to because that’s what this is for. 

well first things first, i started kendo. kendo is basically Japanese fencing, and we go to this dojo that’s in a prison and all of our teachers are prison guards. you have to keep your back really straight the entire time you’re holding the bamboo sword and everything else really straight too. normally they use real swords but that’s only for the super high level kendo master people (out teacher is one of those, luckily). 

i haven’t been taking pictures because i always forget my camera but on thursday i will definitely bring it and ask my neighbors to take some for me. 

that’s the most recent thing that’s happened. also i can read all hiragana and i’m working on reading katakana now, but it’s a little more difficult. i’ve been sick recently, so everything is a lot of extra work than it needs to be. that’s it for now, maybe something interesting will happen in the next couple of days that i can talk to you about. 

guam or bust

well it’s been awhile. i guess that’s good, because i’ve been busy but i’m also fairly stressed out.. just with things. i think it’s the fact that i’m at the halfway point of my stay in japan and i don’t know if i’m doing okay or not and i’d like to know.. but that’s another story that i’d really not like to get into right now. 

while i’m working i can’t help but notice that my computer is slowly chipping away and it’s REALLY bothering me, but i know that computers are like 1,000 dollars each so it’s going to be awhile until i get one. maybe not until i’m finished with college which is a LONG way off at this point. since i’m going to be getting a teaching degree, i have a big haul ahead of me. but i’m rambling. sorry. you want to know what’s going on in Japan and honestly, it’s so much stuff

i’ve had tons of school events recently and i work(volunteer) at an animal shelter down the street from our house that takes up most of my free days, also tomorrow i’m starting kendo (which is hitting people with sticks class). recently i’ve been more stressed about how i communicate with people, and like i mentioned, i don’t really know if i’m doing a good enough job. :/

oh well. i haven’t been called out on anything recently so… i just don’t know. i wish i had more feedback.  there’s laundry going on upstairs and and i just don’t really know what to do recently. also i went to Guam, hence, the title so i could extend my visa, and thankfully it worked. i just need to get things straightened out in my brain, and see where i’m at. the trip was ok, but it was only two days so we could n’t really do much, and i hate beaches so i mostly shopped and walked around. it was really nice to be able to speak to people though, in english and they had a good shopping mall. i let myself go a little crazy because it was vacation and got some nice eyeshadow because i never really have money for nice makeup. i guess i won’t until i either get a really good job or marry someone rich, but at this point i’m pretty sure i’m not going to get married since i haven’t even – 

jesus i’m sorry about that. well at least i’ve updated. i just need to get things straight soon. ok bye. 


recently i’ve been sort of stuck in Fuchu because of school and working at the shelter (which is all good fun but i’m getting slightly tired of it at the moment), and when i’m at home i’m usually either studying or reading and i can’t force myself to go out and actually do things. i wonder if it’s because i’m slightly homesick, or because of the weather change, but i really want to go out and do more things, even though i can’t get myself to. i guess i still don’t have much confidence in my traveling abilities. 

yesterday we went out with one of our neighbors for dinner though, so that was nice. it was the first social sort of thing i’d done in awhile. there were lots of small children and it was really lively, but i don’t think i enjoyed it as much as i could have because of my current mood :/ 

Also last weekend I went to Harujuku and saw some silent comedy type people that were really attractive… not so funny but they were nice to look at. the park we were at was really pretty and i bought something from the shopping street that was on the other side of the park. 

i’m tired of sitting at my computer all the time and feeling like i’m not getting anything done, even though i’m studying a lot. oh well. i noticed that it’s already september as well, so that startled me. actually it’s like September 21 today. there’s only three more months of the year left. 


TODAY I SORT OF LEARNED HOW TO READ. when i first got to japan there was hiragana everywhere and i was like “what is going on what are these words” but now since i’ve memorized them a little i can say them in japanese. of course i don’t know what they mean in english, but i’m getting somewhere!!!! 

recently i also learned how to count – ichi, nii, san, yon, go, roku, nana, hachi, ku/kyu, ju. and from there it’s all fairly simple (except for when you get into the hundred thousands and millions, then i have absolutely no idea what im doing). but the point is, i’m not completely at a loss anymore. i mean i am but i’m not at the same time. if that makes any sense. 


on a side note i watched the movie Charlie Bartlett last night and it was actually really nice. Robert Downey Jr is just too attractive for a 47 year old. sometimes i think i have problems. 


today i am going to talk about reading. i don’t care if its a bit off topic, because i’ve been meaning to discuss this but recently i just finished an entire book on my ipad for the first time, and it was a rather pleasant experience. i have been somewhat hesitant to read a book on an ereader (even though i’ve had a nook for at least a year now) but i REALLY enjoyed it. 

i have the kindle app so it’s really easy for me to download books instantly. if there’s a book that i want to read the moment its released, then all you have to do is preorder it and then bam it’s there, at midnight. my problem is though, that i’m very easily distracted when i’m on the iPad. i mean come on , there’s the internet with, youtube, and tumblr, and fanfiction, and goodreads. you can easily spend hours upon hours talking to people about things and forget about the books that you downloaded to read ages ago. also, i’m a very picky reader. not so much about genre, but about plot points and writing style and characters. everything that makes a book good. 

the book i first experienced this with was Fathomless, by Jackson Pearce, which was a very dark retelling of the little mermaid. this is one of those books that was a part of a series that had the really pretty covers and then switched right in the middle of the series. so of course i wasn’t going to buy the physical book but i still wanted to read it. and thats where the kindle came in handy. i could download it right away and there it was nestled into the data system (or whatever its called) for me to read. and read it i did. and i loved it. 


this was a big step for me, to actually finish one on the kindle app. and when i finished my reaction was something like, ‘i just read an ebook didn’t i?’ and it felt good. i mean think about it we’re getting the same experience as it it were a physical book but we aren’t killing trees guys. think of all the trees we kill when we buy 50+ hardbacks or 20+paperbacks. this realization has lead me to think harder about which books i’m going to be buying in physical format and which ones are going to be on my ipad. 


harry potter : of course those are going to be physical

the hunger games : same thing

the mortal instruments/the infernal devices by cassandra clare? : physical 

everything else that i’m interested in i can buy from my kindle for so much cheaper. sure i like the smell of physical books and the weight of them and they’re easier for me since i’m not so distracted by the internet. but for the time being i think i’ll be sticking with the ipad, especially since i’m traveling so much they’re not nearly so heavy as bringing 20 hardbacks with you in a suitcase which means you’ll have to leave things you actually need like clothes at home. 


so that was my rant about books. i hope it was worthwhile, but i needed to get that off my chest. also my arms are starting to get fat and i have school later today until 9 at night. bye guys! 

halfway point

wow.. this is crazy. right now i’m listening to florence and the machine in japan at the halfway point. i’m coming back to america in december around my birthday and i actually don’t really want to go back. i mean sure i do sometimes but when i look at the big picture i really don’t want to leave. everybody is so nice here   even if i am a foreigner. i haven’t had a bad experience yet. i could really see myself living here once i get more of the language down. 


but thats sort of the problem… i mean school is really fun but it’s exhausting having different teachers every single day. i really love everything about this place. 


i also want to travel to other places really badly though.. so i can’t do that if i stay here forever. i guess i have to decide soon what i want to do with my life, which is a lot scarier than it actually seems. i’ve always been so slow at life, figuring what it actually means to socialize and hitting my breaking point a little farther each time. i still have no idea what i’m doing, i never have but i don’t really think that anyone else really knows either. if you meet someone who does know what they’re doing, please let me meet them. i’d like some answers. 


i suppose that part of the reason why i’m writing so much tonight is that i’m in a bit of a melancholy mood. but mostly, i think it’s because i did it. i am doing it.  i will do it for a little while longer, and i’m still here. 


so recently i’ve been running (not a whole bunch, because i haven’t ran like ever in my life before now) but i’m just getting started on it. i go around 7 because that’s a good time to people watch since they’re getting off from school, work, or exercising like me. 


i don’t know if any of you have seen the movie Tron, but i swear i saw a motorcycle that looked like it came straight out of that movie. it looked like one of those light cycle things and it was blasting techno music and it blew my mind. also blogging is hard 

tomorrow is my last day at Sippo Net (the dog shelter where i volunteer at) for the week and my summer vacation is almost over. but i’m actually looking forward to starting school and being able to communicate with people better. and it’s not like i won’t be working at the shelter anymore, that’s like my part time job. the people there are really nice. 


i need to remember to bring my camera more places because i want to take pictures i’m just so incredibly spacey and when i look for it when i’m out and about it’s nowhere to be found because… it’s in my room.. 

it’s also really weird/nice whenever i feel people staring at me on the street because in america it was always hard to tell if someone thought you were attractive or not. people are weird. also i’m not going to capitalize america because i’m being lazy tonight.  

also it’s really really hot here i cant wait for september. 

ok well i think that’s enough for today.. bye bye!